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College of the Pharmacy Welcome Adress

Professor and Dean College of Pharmacy Dongguk UniversitySang Geon KIM, Ph.D.

Dongguk University College of Pharmacy was established in March 2011, and has grown remarkably over the past 10 years, and has achieved a suitable educational foundation and research outcomes. In the future, development and innovation for education and research will continue along with the improvement of educational conditions and the establishment of the 6 year new curriculum. After the 1st Dongguk Pharmacy graduates were produced in 2015, excellent srudents with talents have been admitted so far, and all graduates have passed the National Pharmacist Examination with superior grades. In addition to hospitals, such as Seoul National University Hospital, Sinchon Severance Hospital, Ilsan Industrial Complex Hospital, Uijeongbu St. Mary's Hospital, Korea University Anam Hospital, the graduates are demonstrating their capabilities by joining famous domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, namely Astellas Korea Pharmaceutical, Celltrion, B. Braun, Myungin Pharmaceutical, and United Pharmaceutical.
I believe this is the result of the hard work of our faculty who are active as the best educators and researchers with world-class level of outstanding capabilities and of our excellent undergraduate and graduate students. Dongguk University Pharmacy students receive many years of theoretical and practical education, working with pharmacy departments in Dongguk University Hospital, Sinchon Severance Hospital, Atomic Energy Hospital, Police Hospital, and also in BMS Korea Korea, Janssen Korea, Youngjin Pharm, Jeil Pharm, Korea United Pharm, and Goyang City. Systematic practical trainings are also performed at Ilsan Dong-gu Public Health Center, Gyeongin Food and Drug Administration, Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, and National Health Insurance Corporation.In 2020, the amount of research funding received per professor reached 294 million won, and the number of internationally renowned papers increases every year. More importantly, the top 5%, 10%, and 25% of the JCR, has been steadily increasing every year. The research ability of our professors is thus highly evaluated, with the license-out fee deposit of technology transfer reaching a high level. This is the result of the best efforts of all members of Dongguk University's College of Pharmacy. In particular, our university was designated as a specialized graduate school for the pharmaceutical and bio industry by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and from March 2021, new students of the pharmaceutical and bio industry have been successfully selected and operated. Also, recently, Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) was successfully held in which Asian pharmaceutical students gathered at Dongguk University's BMC campus together with domestic pharmaceutical students to share their dreams and hopes. In addition, the World Congress of Pharmacy Students will be held at Dongguk University this year (2021). Dongguk University College of Pharmacy, through undergraduate education, cultivates communication skills, self-development skills, interpersonal skills, internationalization skills, information technology utilization skills, and problem-solving skills. We aim to contribute to society by nurturing pharmacists, enterprising pharmacists with international competence, and pragmatic pharmacists with the right ethics.