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Since founded on March, 2011, Dongguk Univeristy College of Pharmacy (DUCP) has nurtured clinical, industrial, as well as research pharmacists through a graduate program with 11 pharmacy-related specialties and a Pharm-MBA joint program by utilizing Integrated Research Institute for Drug Development (IRIDD) and a pharmacy re-education institute. We have recruited 16 faculty members who possess unique expertise in relevant fields of pharmacy including life science, pharmacology, social, industrial, and clinical pharmacies. We have guided students to obtain the most updated in-depth knowledge on pharmacy. We also have trained students to become research-competent pharmacists through experiencing our cutting-edge research facilities. We have provided students with hands-on clinical pharmacy education by collaborating with our university general hospital. Our Pharm-MBA program has endowed students an opportunity to develop an entrepreneurship through combined education on pharmacy and management. We have also established a collaborative relationship between academia and industry by hosting two major research centers including Gyeonggi Regional Research Center (GRRC) at 2011 and Open Translational Research Center for Innovative Drug (OTRCID) at 2012. In addition, we have fostered a healthy partnership with a number of internationally renowned universities in Japan and USA, Korean national cancer center, domestic pharmaceutical companies, and hospital pharmacists association.