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2 + 4 educational system in Korea


College of Pharmacy set its goal of (1) educating future generation of outstanding pharmacists and (ii) fostering global leaders who will challenge the present and enrich the future of pharmaceutical industry as well as pharmaceutical research. Ultimately, college of pharmacy is dedicated to improve the national health care and build the healthy global community.

Core values


College of Pharmacy reinforces educational programs to raise the competitive pharmacists and provides the core curriculum getting students to acquire the professional knowledge and skills required for pharmacists. Curriculum includes core and elective courses covering essential knowledge in clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, social pharmacy, regulations and life science. Curriculum also covers practical training and experience.
The first two years are focused on basic concepts, principles and fundamental experimental skills in life science, clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and social pharmacy. The third year deals with more profound and professional knowledge and early practical experiences. The fourth year is focused on practical training and experience; first semester consists of six 3-week core practice experiences and second semester consists of five 12-week advanced practice experience (students choose one track based on their desired career path).
Bachelor's degree requirements
All Bachelor's degrees at the College of Pharmacy require completion of four years of Departmental and College program, which includes a completion of at least 171 credit-hours with an overall GPA of 2.0 or better. Students must pass the Qualifying Examination as described by departmental regulations.